To train the teachers of science and technical education and convert them into a constructive and vibrant work-force.



  • Transforming the unskilled/semiskilled manpower to play a pivotal role in manufacturing economy.
  • To meet the future needs and bring science and technology into the mainstream.


  • Training & staff development (Human Resource Development).
  • Review of curriculum for vocational and technical education.
  • Development of cost effective Teaching Learning Resource (TLRs) Instructional materials and audio-video teaching aids.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the science curricula.
  • Evaluating science, Information technology,and Technical education programmes.
  • Undertake research in science, and technical education.
  • Liaison with industry and coordination with national and international organizations in science,Information technology and technical education.
  • Development of projects in science,Information technology and technical education.


Develop quality work-force by improving science and technical education through training’ curricula development based on latest research in deferent specialized disciplines.

Designing & Developed By: Shams un Nisa