NISTE Organization:  

Spread over 30 acres of prime land in the center of Islamabad, the nation's capital, NISTE is fully equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The merger of the Institute for Promotion of Science Education and Training (IPSET) and National Technical Teacher Training College (NTTTC) was carried out in 1997 and restructured into NISTE.

The functions and performance of the two organizations is to achieve quality education (science & technical) including in-service training (human resource development), research and development of instructional technology, co-ordination of science and technical education activities at the national and international levels, and popularization of scientific and technical culture in the country.

The restructuring of the two institutes is compact and cohesive and has improved internal efficiency in terms of optimum utilization of basic equipment, buildings and academic and human resource.

The development programmes improved external efficiency by bringing science and technical education curricula in-line with labour/job market needs and improved links with industry, sister organizations and other sub-sectors of education.

NISTE is an apex Institute of the Ministry of capital administration and development to cater the futuristic needs at National and Regional levels in the field of Science and Technical Education.

The Institute has developed and implemented at the national level the latest research-based curricula
and teaching learning resource (TLR) material for the science subjects up to secondary level and technical subjects up to Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) level, alongwith the reforms of the examination system.