SCIB: New Vision in Science Trainings

The National Curriculum for General Science IV-VIII, 2006 has three main foci, namely; The Inquiry Based Curriculum, The student Centered Curriculum and An Outcome Focus Curriculum.

SCIB is an abbreviation of "Student centered and Inquiry based". In science education SCIB focuses on student constructed learning as opposed to teacher transmitted information.

It promotes student centered lessons that is defined as "A lesson that involves a process in which students take lesson themes as their own and find solutions on their own by using their mind, body and through interacting with others classmates".

In addition to that the General Science Curriculum sets the outcomes for students in four areas, 'Knowledge, Skills , Attitude and STSE ( Science, Technology, Society and Environment), so NISTE are promoting new vision in Science teacher trainings and emphasizing not only on science contents but also on other three areas to promote the teaching skills with scientific application in daily life.

NISTE trainings also supporting teachers with valuable materials called SCIB Teaching Plans for grade 4-8. These are designed and prepared under the NISTE- JICA "Project for Promotion of Student-centered and Inquiry -based Science Education in Pakistan," from 2009-2012. These teaching plans have science lessons to conduct SCIB class in which students learn science by performing activities that would clarify and strengthen their concepts. Here the teacher's role is a facilitator, while the students carry out inquiring by their own.

Designing & Developed By: Shams un Nisa