Technical Competency Development program

    Civil Technology

    Advance civil Engineering drawing
    Advance Quantity serving ( Estimating and coasting)
    Advance civil surveying(Total Station)
    Civil labe techniciantecnician
    Civil surveying
    Material testing technician

    Electronical Technology

    PLC,SCDA,and control system technician
    Industerial technician
    Building wiring elecrician
    General electrician

    Electronics Technology

    Optical fiber and cable jointing technician
    Telecommunication technician
    Solar panel UPS technician
    Mototr winding technician

    Mechnical technology

    Refrigeration and Air-conditioning technician
    HVAC technician advance auto mechnic(EFI/CNG expert)
    Auto Mechanic and auto Electrician
    Advance welding (ARC,TIG,MIG,SPOT)
    CNG operator
    Chmeical Processing & Instrumentation

For further information contact withe Coordinator(TCDP) Telephone number 051-9250708

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